Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chinese Soup

Thanks to Dan Zhao for this recipe!


Pork - 1 lb small pieces
Winter Melon (Chaal kumro) - 1 lb cut into 2" slices
Ginger - small piece chopped
Garlic - small pods chopped
Red peppers - 2-3
Soy sauce - as per taste


1. Wash the bone and take off the skin of winter melon, cut the melon into small piece.
2. Boiling some water and put the bone into it,boiling for 2 min
3. Get the bone out of the water, get some cold water in the pot,put the bone inside the pot again,put some ginger,garlic,red peppers,use the big fire to boil for 10 mins,then turn the fire into middle, boiling for 20 mins.
4. Put the melon into pot, put some salt into soup,you can taste to get know the quanity ,15-20 mins,